John Susek is a Chicago-based developer and designer.

His first experience with the web was the Line Mode `www` command in 1994. Before that he was involved in the Chicago-area BBS scene. He loves web development and technology with a passion.


@jsusek on twitter

Technologies and skills I am strong with:

HTML/CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP/Perl development, Graphic design, interface design, Information architecture, CMS customization, Video compression/formats, Photoshop/Illustrator, and more.

Things I would like to work with or learn more about:

Mobile projects, data visualization, low barrier of entry web projects (registration-less participation), augmented reality, media/entertainment/mass communications industries, startups/freemium projects, game development, ambitious web projects.

I’m interested in things like:

The future web and internet, online rights, electronic and dance music, cartography, the future of television, world history, politics, antiques, local history, video/computer games – both playing and studying as a new media/platform, cyberpunk/virtual reality/futurist art/culture/themes, and more.

Some notable things I’ve done:

  • I got into cartography for a while, and had two maps I created published in Computer Gaming World (sample). Created maps for games like Anarchy Online, Shadowbane, etc.
  • Worked as lead texture and UI artist on an award winning game mod Lawdogs for Unreal Tournament 2003/2004. Also created one of the mod’s official maps using UnrealEd (samples).
  • Penguin Publishing used one of my textures for a book cover.
  • Started focusing more on programming, and created TivoTool, a ground-breaking application used to stream video from modded Tivos. If you’ve had a hacked Tivo and a Mac within the last few years, you’ve used TivoTool.
  • Multiple web development (LAMP-based) projects for StoneWard’s clients including Snap-on Tools, Terminix, SportClips.
  • Worked with co-owner of Stripped&Chewed music label for Javascript heavy site.
  • Built browser based Cloud computing front-end (think Amazon EC2) for ServerCentral.